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Hasil gambar untuk pemakaman di torajaHasil gambar untuk pemakaman di torajaHasil gambar untuk pemakaman di torajaHasil gambar untuk pemakaman di toraja

There is many story about zombie. yap... zombie is one of popular ghost in the word. But do you know that in indonesia zombie is unpopular. Cause what ? Cause in indonesia there are so many ghost. Just like ;

Hasil gambar untuk kuntilanak

Ghost of a young girl. That die when she was Pregnant.

Hasil gambar untuk POCONG

Ghost of a young  man. that feel disapointed about his life. (I think, sorry if it was wrong)

and so many others...
you know like, sundelbolong,genderowo,wewegombel,tuyul,kolor ijo,begu gajang, and so many....
NOPE !!!
(I DON'T make the picture because i feel afraid too.And my friend was afraid tooo. thanks to MARGARETH V.W. MANIK, (She said : she Afraid with ghost and teroris tooo), now she is angry with me.... wkwkwkwk...)

OK back to the storyyyy.....

sooo.... in indonesia there is zombie too. But it have a different name. In Indonesia too, zombie is not a bad ghost... It's A LITTLE FUNNY because zombie in indonesia is just like a family...

I guess you don't really understand right ?

yes... me tooo

so just check this out
Rambu Solo, Unique Funeral Tradition in Tana Toraja - 31/03/2015, 19:38 WIB

Solo Rambu funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. (BARRY KUSUMA)

TANA Toraja is one of the most popular tourist attraction in South Sulawesi Province. Here you enjoy the distinctive Toraja Tribe culture that inhabits a mountainous area with a distinctive authentic Austronesian culture. Experience the different nuances of unique and different cultures, ranging from traditional Tongkonan houses, Solo Rambu funeral rites, Londa Cave Cemetery, Lemo Stone Cemetery, or Baby Kambira Cemetery.
According to the myths told from generation to generation, the original Toraja ancestors descended directly from heaven by means of a ladder, where they serve as a medium of communication with Puang Matua (the only God).

The name Toraja was first given by the Sidenreng Bugis Tribe who called the inhabitants who live in this area as "Riaja" (people who inhabit the mountains). While the people of Luwu call them, "Riajang" (the people who inhabit the west).
Solo Rambu funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. (BARRY KUSUMA)

Another version says that Toraja from the word "Toraya" (Tau: orang, and raya or maraya: great), this combination of two words gives meaning "great people" or "noble man". The next term that is more often used is the Toraja title, the word "tana" itself means the region. Toraja population and territory was eventually known as Tana Toraja.
The Toraja people adhere to "aluk" or adat which is a strictly traditional belief, rule, and ritual prescribed by their ancestors. Although today the majority of Toraja people who embrace the Protestant or Catholic religion but ancestral traditions and ritual ceremonies are still practiced.

The Toraja community makes a clear separation between ceremonies and rituals related to life and death. This is because the rituals are related to the growing season and harvest.
Solo Rambu funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. (BARRY KUSUMA)

Toraja people cultivate their rice fields by planting high-grade gogo rice stems. Along the way you will encounter sun-dried rice where the stem is tied and stacked up. Rice with stems are stored in a special barn decorated with buffalo horn on the front and buffalo jaw on the side.
Tana Toraja has two types of popular traditional ceremony namely Rambu Solo and Rambu Tuka. Rambu Solo is a funeral ceremony, while Rambu Tuka is a ceremony over a newly renovated traditional house.

Special Rambu Solo, Toraja people believe without this burial ceremony then the soul of the deceased person will give misfortune to the people he left behind. The deceased is only treated as a sick person, therefore still to be treated and treated like a living by providing food, drink, cigarettes, betel, or various other offerings.

Buffalo sacrifices at the funeral ceremony of Rambu Solo in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. (BARRY KUSUMA)
Rambu Solo funeral ceremony is a series of activities that complicate custom ties and require a lot of money. Preparations were for months. While waiting for the ceremony is ready, the body of the deceased person is wrapped in cloth and kept in the ancestral home or tongkonan.
The highlight of the Rambu Solo ceremony usually takes place in July and August. At that time the Toraja people who migrated throughout Indonesia will go home to participate in this series of events. The arrival of the Toraja people is followed by the visit of foreign tourists.

In the belief of the people of Tana Toraja (Aluk To Dolo) there is a higher principle where the corpse is placed then the faster the spirit to get to nirvana.

For the nobles who died they cut the buffaloes of 24 to 100 heads as sacrifices (Ma'tinggoro Tedong). One of them even buffalo bulls are notoriously expensive. This cutting ceremony is one of the typical attractions of Tana Toraja by slashing the buffalo's neck using a machete in one swing. Buffalo was immediately sprinkled a few moments later.

Toraja tribe in South Sulawesi (BARRY KUSUMA)
The Toraja people live in small communities where married children leave their parents and start a new life elsewhere. Although children follow the line of father and mother but they are all one big family who live in one ancestral home (tongkonan).
Tongkonan is the center of social life of Toraja Tribe. Tongkonan-related rituals are very important in the spiritual life of Toraja tribe. Therefore, all family members are required to participate as a symbol of their relationship with their ancestors. (BARRY KUSUMA)

And thats all guys....

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