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Sunset, beach,mediatation and peace

one story every week

well, i dont know if someone gonna read this, but i just want to say something for my blog.#livesgoal

so now i'm gonna tell u about my experience.
last week i want to be more productive than a week before, so i start looking at some activities to do.
i start with sport, actually i really wanna know about basket ball, i wish i can play basket ball, but i dont really know how to play this thing.
sooo i start looking the new one.

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and thats it. i found another activity that's really interesting. its called meditation.
i start to do this kind of thing.
 you know it is even so easy to do.
you just need to take a breath. and thats it.
dont do anything. just peace. as addiction you can play a music thats fit with that. maybe meditation music ?.

first, i just feel so funny. its just breath. what the hell ? i cant hold my laugh. this is just so funny. but the next day, i tried to do that again. and i feel peace.

its just like u can feel yourself. and take the positive energy from nature. and feel more comfortable. its good for your mind and for your mood. cause in this 19 years old. i just feel too sensitive. for so many reason.

so start a new activities,

this is one of my best activities, i like it so much.

i wish  :

if today was hard. you can feel that this day is always a gift. if its hard what about doing something that makes u happy. maybe start with a new activities, and no problem, they say they hate u. but who are them ? if you have someone thats really love u. parents, friends, and someone that always be there for u when you down.

another tips ;

cause for me, its always feel peace. from outside and inside.
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( seorang penulis yang mencoba menggunakan bahasa inggris, mugkin grammar nya salah, tapi paling enggak ejaan tiap kata udh benarlah. wkwkwk salah satu usaha buat tetap pakai bahasa inggris dan berlatih. )

wish u a glorious day too. some music : check this one glorious day by macklemore.
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