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Some Music

some music...

hi guys, my name is silvia. this time i wanna try to talk in english, just kind of my exercise, thank u for read this things.

i will tell you about my music from now on,
so many music that i had heard.

but, today i am in love with this one,

Hasil gambar untuk heavy anne marie

you know for me, music is just like an language. that can tell you the truth. you can feel it by your heart. and actually i love singing. just to say something that i can't say.

and this song is good. you can feel it right. this song is just telling u if it's too heavy you need to ask this things ?

just one step to understand yourself.

just a remainder for you. if it's too heavy  think twice, and now you can find the things that makes it heavy. this is a good and happy song.

really good song just for u.

sooooo what u need to know is :



cause, for all the good things that i have done in the past. are we just let that things gone ? just for one tiny problem ? 

if yes, so why yo do all the good things before ? 


and that's why i love this song so much. 
even this song know where is the right way ? so what about u ?

 since i love singing sooooo much.

next week maybe i wanna make some cover in this site. so wait me for that !!!!

(seorang penulis yang sedang banyak waktu senggang. dan sedang mencari kesibukan. dan sangat malas untuk belajar. tapi ingin mencari uang wkwkwk)


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yes, i found my blog again when i'm searching someting stupid of course, so now. i think we can say, i am BACK.

wowww finally, what do you think about me,
i remember when i can find this post i start to publicated my blog, so i hope someone gonna read this. when i see how much person that look in this post when i start publicate this, 20 person come to see my post, but the funny thing is, 10 of this twenty is me.

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well, i dont know if someone gonna read this, but i just want to say something for my blog.#livesgoal

so now i'm gonna tell u about my experience.
last week i want to be more productive than a week before, so i start looking at some activities to do.
i start with sport, actually i really wanna know about basket ball, i wish i can play basket ball, but i dont really know how to play this thing.
sooo i start looking the new one.

and thats it. i found another activity that's really interesting. its called meditation.
i start to do this kind of thing.
 you know it is even so easy to do.
you just need to take a breath. and thats it.
dont do anything. just peace. as addiction you can play a music thats fit with that. maybe meditation music ?.

first, i just feel so funny. its just breath. what the hell ? i cant hold my laugh. this is just so funny. but the next day, i tried to do that again. and i feel peace.

its just like u can feel yourself. and take the posit…