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Seorang nelayan harus mebayar denda sebesar  Rp129 Juta karena ia berfoto dengan hiu putih yang terancam punah.

Seorang nelayan bernama Leon Bekker sepertinya tidak  menyangka jika aksinya berfoto bersama hiu putih yang langka akan berujung pada hukuman denda sebesar 8.500 pound sterling atau sekira Rp129 juta (Rp15.224 per pound sterling).

Nelayan Di Denda Rp.129 Juta Saat Berfoto
Leon Bekker sebenarnya didenda bukan karena ia berfoto dengan ikan paus putih melainkan Leon Bekker dituduh telah menagkap dan membunuh paus putih yang langka. Paus putih merupakan hewan langka yang kini dilindungi oleh Negara Afrika Selatan.
Hakim memutuskan bahwa Bekker bersalah karena memancing hiu putih dan dikenakan tuduhan atas pelanggaran memburu dan membunuh spesies yang terancam punah dengan denda mencapai 8.500 pound sterling.
Para pecinta hewan yang terancam punah menyambut baik putusan hakim ini.
“Kami yakin bahwa hukuman itu akan membuat hiu putih di Afrika Selatan dapat terlindungi,” ungkap salah satu aktivis pecinta hewan, seperti dikutip Mirror, Jumat (8/2/2013).


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hello i am back, this week i well tell u about my experience going to padang by myself. so i start it in saturday to make a list that i need to take, and when i go there, first i take a hotel, its cald 68 hotel from airy, and i have so many thoughts, like i will go to the beach, see some sun rise, take a good meal. and have a  beautiful evening, i thought about making some videos and it just a dream

the real thing is, i just go with my friend, watching some movie, wreck it ralph 2, its a good movie, and then have a dinner and have a pretty good conversation, back to the hotel, and i fell upset, cause it just not like what i want,

i just sleep in my room, doesn't care with some noise in other room, and u know this hotel is really bad. i never come to this kind of hotel. i can say that this hotel is look like a love hotel, lovtel motel or something like that,

i buy it at airy rooms, and they put words, syariah in this hotel, well when i come its totally different like what i though…

Some Music

some music...

hi guys, my name is silvia. this time i wanna try to talk in english, just kind of my exercise, thank u for read this things.

i will tell you about my music from now on,
so many music that i had heard.

but, today i am in love with this one,

Sunset, beach,mediatation and peace

one story every week

well, i dont know if someone gonna read this, but i just want to say something for my blog.#livesgoal

so now i'm gonna tell u about my experience.
last week i want to be more productive than a week before, so i start looking at some activities to do.
i start with sport, actually i really wanna know about basket ball, i wish i can play basket ball, but i dont really know how to play this thing.
sooo i start looking the new one.

and thats it. i found another activity that's really interesting. its called meditation.
i start to do this kind of thing.
 you know it is even so easy to do.
you just need to take a breath. and thats it.
dont do anything. just peace. as addiction you can play a music thats fit with that. maybe meditation music ?.

first, i just feel so funny. its just breath. what the hell ? i cant hold my laugh. this is just so funny. but the next day, i tried to do that again. and i feel peace.

its just like u can feel yourself. and take the posit…